The List

In classic Type-A personality fashion, I like to make lists. And I like to check off those lists until I can satisfactorily recycle it and start a new one. Here’s my list of things I’d like to do/visit/see (not in any order).

  1. Own my own home.
  2. Get more tattoos (I have four in mind).
  3. Visit the Grand Canyon.
  4. Hike to the floor of the Grand Canyon.
  5. Explore Madagascar.
  6. Visit the Galapagos.
  7. Float in the Dead Sea.
  8. Visit the White House.
  9. Learn to play the guitar.
  10. Get published.
  11. Work for a political campaign.
  12. Be part of a flash mob.
  13. Create a good piece of graffiti.
  14. Take a safari somewhere in Africa.
  15. Zip line through a forest.
  16. Visit General Sherman in the Sequoia National Park.
  17. Hike Half Dome (safely!).
  18. Be an extra in a movie.
  19. Hike up to Mount Rushmore.
  20. See a movie at a Drive-In theater.
  21. Explore the pyramids in Egypt.
  22. Go to Turkey.
  23. Drive across the United States.
  24. Travel to Banff.
  25. Rebuild a motorcycle.
  26. Learn to ride a motorcycle.
  27. Attend Comic-Con in San Diego.
  28. Apply to law school.
  29. Get accepted to law school.
  30. Attend law school.
  31. Pass the California Bar Exam.
  32. Get a good law job after law school.
  33. Walk and complete a half marathon.
  34. Ride a cable car in San Francisco.
  35. Visit the Vatican.
  36. Climb the Duomo in Florence.
  37. Speak Spanish in Spain.
  38. Visit the Colosseum. 
  39. Eat pizza in Italy.
  40. Take a cruise.
  41. Fly to Europe.
  42. Eat Poutine in Montreal.
  43. Vacation in the Bahamas.
  44. Visit Hawaii.

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