A Memorial Day Essay


Memorial Day — an American holiday known for BBQs and beers; a day followed by a watershed of all things warm and fun that mark the coming of an inevitable summer peppered with graduations, Father’s Day, the 4th of July, and some birthdays in-between, the occasional wedding and/or baby shower. Technically it’s a United States federal holiday dedicated to remembering the fallen men and women whom have served in the armed forces.

My family — my mother and her parents — were always vigilant when it came to putting flags out in front of their respective homes. They did it with regularity, with dedication, with respect. As I walk down the street in my current neighborhood, a hundred or so miles from my hometown, I don’t see any flags flying in front of the homes that are so close together they touch. In fact, I don’t even see any flag brackets and this bothers me. But I can’t decide what’s worse: that there aren’t any flag brackets or that, even if there were, there might not be any flags placed inside of them.

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