A Memorial Day Essay


Memorial Day — an American holiday known for BBQs and beers; a day followed by a watershed of all things warm and fun that mark the coming of an inevitable summer peppered with graduations, Father’s Day, the 4th of July, and some birthdays in-between, the occasional wedding and/or baby shower. Technically it’s a United States federal holiday dedicated to remembering the fallen men and women whom have served in the armed forces.

My family — my mother and her parents — were always vigilant when it came to putting flags out in front of their respective homes. They did it with regularity, with dedication, with respect. As I walk down the street in my current neighborhood, a hundred or so miles from my hometown, I don’t see any flags flying in front of the homes that are so close together they touch. In fact, I don’t even see any flag brackets and this bothers me. But I can’t decide what’s worse: that there aren’t any flag brackets or that, even if there were, there might not be any flags placed inside of them.

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8 Days of Giving Thanks – Day 3

Today I will be focusing on my family. I am an only child. I was fortunate enough to have grown up surrounded by grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. I used to think that I came from an ordinary family until I moved away from home for the first time to attend college. Talking with other people about their families, and where they came from, made me realize how lucky I have been. My family is very important to me as they are supportive of my endeavors, my choices. They let me make my own mistakes and are there for me when I fail and when I succeed. They have helped me grow to become the person I am today.


[Please note that this is not a picture of my family. Thank you to Wikipedia for making this photo available under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license. And thank you to user Tysto for providing the picture.]