From There to Here: Part I

A year and a half ago, I was working in a dead-end job. It was the first full-time, professional, 8am to 5pm, fancy-office-in-a-big-city, working for a world-renown company job I ever had. It wasn’t what I had in mind when I graduated college, but like my mom has always told me, “you’ve got to start somewhere.”

And I did.

I had stars in my eyes when I began, when I was sitting in a video conference with a former world leader, when I escorted best-selling authors through the office, when I met the CEO, and when I worked on projects aimed at changing the world.

Every day I was taking on new responsibilities, creating better ways of doing, and learning as much as I could absorb. But I grew while the position did not.

During my time there, I came to realize that I wanted to be more involved in creating change — helping others — in the world. I didn’t want to assist simply at arm’s length, but I wanted to be all in — hands dirty, up to my neck, and exhausted in the way that good, challenging work can be. I wanted to spend my hours untangling problems in my head, collaborating with a team to find the best solution, and making people’s lives better, if not easier.

As I was attempting to discover the best way to go about all of that (imagine world domination in a Mother Teresa sort of way), the company hired a recent law school graduate who was about my age. We became friends and she talked with me about her time in law school and work experience as a lawyer. My interest was definitely piqued. I had considered law school in the past but never in any sort of real way.I couldn’t imagine myself in the cut-throat, competitive environment that I envisioned law school to be. I couldn’t imagine myself wearing a suit, sporting a bun, and balancing in high heels while holding a briefcase walking toward a courthouse. Nope, not me.

My coworker continued to encourage me.

Do you like research? Check. Reading? Check. Complicated reading? Check. Writing? Check. Lots of writing? Check. The law? Check.

I began researching local law schools and saw that one was holding an open house. I cleared my schedule and went.

Check back to read all about how my first law school open house went! 

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