Around the Internet: the everyday sexism project

Around the Internet: the everyday sexism project

Initially targeted at stories within the British workplace, the everyday sexism project has quickly gained an international audience with a premise that resonates. It’s simple: sharing experiences of sexism in an effort to work toward equality.

There are several ways you can share and view stories of sexism in everyday life. You can check out the homepage that updates in real-time, email the creator (laura[at], and follow/tweet the project. There are entries from both men and women describing their experiences. Reading the stories can be cathartic, maddening, disappointing, and educational.

It is definitely worth a look — and what I think is an important step in understanding the problem of inequality in an effort to eradicate it.

[Around the Internet will be a series of posts about my favorite websites — both popular and otherwise. This is the first post!]

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