Book Club for the Bibliophile


What does a bibliophile get excited about other than getting new books?

Joining a book club.

Nerdy, right?

Up until college, the only thing I remember enjoying in school was reading. Not textbooks, but books. Novels that transported me from the time I saw the title and picture on the cover. I didn’t just read for homework — I read for fun. One of my neighbors was a girl who loved to read too, and we used to climb trees and read books silently as we sat on different branches.

Each time I finished a novel, I had the sudden urge to talk about it. I wanted to discuss every detail and ask a thousand questions that bubbled up during the course of reading. I still have the urge to this day — a Book Emergency I’ll call it (a term adapted from the brittawrites post on Movie Emergencies). College was a great place for that. I once took an 8am class my senior year (I know, unbelievable right? It’s true. It was only offered once a year and at 8am. I felt like I didn’t have a choice!) called American Politics Through American Literature taught by Professor Emeritus Jack Schaar. The required reading included ten novels, which quickly morphed into some of my all-time favorites. Professor Schaar was deeply insightful, quick-witted, and directed the discussions in a meaningful manner that made getting up early well worth it. I didn’t miss a single class.

Fast forward to present day where I have a hankering for reading the classics and am armed with the Internet! That’s how I found the Classics Without All the Class group on Goodreads. It’s a great way to get your foot in the door to reading the classics in a fun and simple way while offering a chance to engage in discussion with other readers via the forums. December’s book is Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. I can’t wait to start reading — and chatting! It’s the perfect book to get in the mood for the holidays.

Want to join the group? Click this link and join with your Goodreads account. Don’t have one? You can sign in with Facebook.

<Thanks to ali edwards for making her photo of books available for reuse.>



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