The Rogue Chef and the Book that Propelled Him to Fame

I purchased Anthony Bourdain’s book, No Reservations, for my husband a few years back. We have watched our fair share of his television show on the Travel Channel and enjoy his snarky comments, constant criticism, and ability to enjoy food no matter where in the world he lands.

A few months ago I had just finished a book and was eager to start a new one but was in that horrible library hold purgatory with nothing to read. Desperate for a quick, fun book, I grabbed Bourdain’s No Reservations from his bookshelf. I knew that this was the book that had thrust him into the celebrity chef spotlight – the exact place that he renounced time and time again in his book. I have a feeling that the irony wasn’t lost on him.
No Reservations is a quick and easy read. Bourdain’s writing is identical to his speaking voice. His cadence easily drifts in to your mind as you turn the pages. This book is a no-holds-barred look at the dirty underbelly of the restaurant business and those who work in it. It was a book written for, and written by, a veteran of the industry. And damn is it good.
Yes, some of you will find that some of the details will make your stomach turn. But if you really love food, you will appreciate the advice that Bourdain imparts.

No Reservations is also a peek into Anthony’s life and times. And while it isn’t always pretty, it certainly is honest.

Read it: if you’re a foodie, you like beatnik poetry, you’re already a fan of Bourdain, you like gritty, raw writing.

Leave it: if you’re squeamish, you dislike knowing what you eat, if you’re not a fan of hearing about the gory details.

Want to read more from Anthony Bourdain? Check out his blog over at the Travel Channel.

[Thank you to webzer for making the image available for reuse.]



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