Welcome Back!

I promise there’s a good explanation for this. The wedding planning really started getting underway in January and just took off after that. I mean really took off. I would say it consumed most, if not all, of my spare time from the beginning of this year until the day of the wedding earlier this month. I made the grave mistake of underestimating the gravity of wedding planning and the amount of time and effort it would take. I knew it was going to take up a lot of time and energy but I had no concept as to the extent of it all.

I ran the KP Half Marathon back in February. I mentioned it in an earlier post and I was really excited about it. The day of the KP Half came in February and as soon as I walked out the door that morning, I was hit with warm, humid weather. It was around 6:45am and probably around 68F. Since I had been training in the cool 50F+ weather, I was completely unprepared to manage the heat of the day which only increased with each passing minute. And since part of the race was on paved roads with no shade, it was brutal. To top it all off, I started feeling sugared out by the sports beans I use to keep fueled during runs. I was slow, the weather was hot, people were passing out left and right on the course – it was just a nightmare for me. But it wasn’t as bad for me as it was for the gentleman who died at the finish line. It’s true – there wasn’t much on-course support and I have no doubt that response was slow, but that’s another post for another day.

Against my better judgement, I signed up for another half-marathon. This time it is in August in the City and ends on home plate at AT&T Park. It’s The Giant Race, which is now sold out. I start training next month. I haven’t run since I finished the KP Half in February. This should be interesting!

As a final note: don’t worry, just because I haven’t been updating doesn’t mean that I’m void of opinions. I am already cooking up new posts so check back often.

Thanks for reading!



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