Exercising: Getting the Shoes That Are Right For You

The Asics I was wearing.

When I decided to walk my first half marathon, I knew I would need to buy a new pair of shoes. I consulted a coworker of mine who frequently runs half marathons and her suggestion was to go to a sporting goods store and have a gait analysis done in order to be fitted for a shoe.

My new Adidas!

This was possibly the best piece of advice that I could have received. I ended up at Fleet Feet in San Francisco. Since I’ve been there, I recommend it to everyone. I received the best customer service I’ve ever gotten in my years of living here. I have found that sometimes these sporting goods stores can be intimidating and the staff can be condescending if you’re not a super athlete. This is not the case for Fleet Feet. The guy was understanding and helpful and never once tried to sell me (in the traditional sense) on a brand. He just asked me to choose which one was the most comfortable for me. And I did. And I ended up with a great pair of shoes. In fact, while I was training, I saw many other women walking in the same shoes. I even saw a few ladies with them on the day of the race!

I know a good general rule of thumb is not to change shoes in the middle of your training, but the Asics just weren’t cutting it anymore. I developed blister after blister in the same spot on the arch of my right foot while jogging. I knew I had to get a new pair. I headed back to Fleet Feet, had another gait analysis done (this time he also watched me jog), and walked out with a pair of Adidas. I also got to ask the salesperson a ton of questions about my gait and running. Hooray!

My advice: don’t worry about how they look – concentrate on how they feel. Even if you’re just beginning, make sure to have a gait analysis done and ask the salesperson to pick out a few pairs that he or she thinks will be best for you.

[Thanks to Mr. T in DC for making the treadmill walking image available for use.]



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