The Girl Who Played With Fire – Part DEUX

The Girl Who Played With Fire. I know. I just reviewed the book in a post from earlier this month. That’s actually what prompted me to watch it via Netflix Instant Streaming over the weekend. I was curious to see how the filmmaker had adapted the movie to the big screen and how it would (or would not) be conducive to the first movie and book.

While the film stays as close to the novel plot as possible, liberties are definitely taken. I think the overarching stories are maintained, but there is something lost in the translation from one medium to another. The biggest discrepancy is in the way in which we discover Lisbeth Salander’s past – it feels a lot less carefully displayed as it is in the book in which you feel as though you are revealing hints about her and more as though you are learning everything at once.

Both the movie and the book take place in Stockholm, and from an American perspective, the filmmaker does a good job in keeping with the novel by making the city in Sweden an important part of the story. There are incredible views of Stockholm, and they’re inspiring enough to make anyone want to visit.

Overall, I felt that the film had the same problems as the book. Either way, it’s interesting to see it envisioned in live action.

See it: if you’re already a fan of Larsson’s books and/or the previous Millennium Series films.

Skip it: if you had the same problems that I did with the book or if you don’t like foreign language films.

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