The Graffiti Documentary – Or Is It?

Exit Through The Gift Shop. The clever and entertaining documentary by the notorious graffiti artist, Banksy, about amateur videographer Thierry Guetta. I am afraid to say too much, fearful of spoiling the fun of this film. What I can say is that it wasn’t what I expected. It was much better, much more fascinating, and much more thrilling.

What I can say is that I enjoyed the ride – following some of the most talented and well-known graffiti artists of our generation as they created, designed, installed, and tagged their work in cities around the world. The most notable appearances were made by Banksy and Shepard Fairey. (Notably, Banksy painted images on the Israeli West Bank barrier in August of 2005, and Shepard Fairey, the mastermind behind the Obey Giant sticker campaign. And I can’t forget to mention Invader, who kicks off the film by inspiring his cousin, Guetta.) In fact, I still can’t get over the fact that Fairey goes to FedEx Kinko’s to copy some of his pieces. I don’t know where I thought he went, but I didn’t think it was Kinko’s.

Throughout the movie, it’s clear that the real artists are deeply passionate and highly intelligent – not the criminals that the law makes them out to be. These guys aren’t just tagging their name around town. They’re creating thought provoking pieces that redefine what it means to be an artist as well as an observer. They’re creating pieces that challenge the way that we think and understand the world around us.

So go watch it. And enjoy yourself. Don’t pass this one up.

Exit Through The Gift Shop is available via Netflix Instant Streaming and for download via iTunes.

[Thanks to Russell_Darling for making the image available for use.]



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