Selfish Giving: What I Bought Myself This Christmas

You read that correctly: I have already purchased myself a Christmas gift. I must admit, I’ve been vacillating on whether or not to purchase this gift at all for the last two weeks. What is it, exactly?

The entrance fee to participate in another half marathon! This time, it will be the 28th Annual Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon & 5K Fun Run!  *cue cheers*

Earlier this year, I posted about how I decided to walk my first half marathon. After finishing my training and the race itself, I started looking for other half marathons in the area. Training for my first half put me on a regular exercise schedule that helped me meet one of my New Year’s resolutions. Why not try it again? I mentioned previously that my new goal is to finish the half marathon in 3 hours or less through a combination of running and walking. I have been training since right after Thanksgiving. It’s been grueling at times but I’m enjoying the regular excuse to exercise. Speaking of which, I had better head out for my four-miler …

[Thanks to Zephyris for making the wrapped gift image available free for use at Wikimedia Commons. And thank you to luxomedia for making the windmill/runner image available for use.] 



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