8 Days of Giving Thanks – Day 5

In an effort to get all caught up, here’s one more reason I’m giving thanks this holiday season: the internet.
Yes, you read that correctly. The internet. 
I’m giving thanks to the internet not only for the obvious reasons (this blog, Blogger, etc.), but because the internet is amazing. As someone who loves information in an indiscriminate way, the internet is absolutely incredible. It’s an infinite amount of information, both useful and useless. And thanks to internet-capable mobile phones, you can almost literally access this information anywhere, at anytime. 
Often, I get sucked into the wormhole. I might read an article about business in China that leads me to a video of a cat playing in a box in Japan that leads me to pictures of invertebrates living at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. It allows me to participate in summits located on the other side of the globe and watch TV shows I missed during the week. I can shop for the best prices, send pictures to family who couldn’t be present to share an important moment, and engage in conversation with someone in another country who later becomes a best friend. The internet lets me go to places that I can’t physically go to every day. It allows me to gain knowledge and insight into things that I normally would not have otherwise dreamed about. 
While I acknowledge that there is a dark side to the internet, I want to spend time appreciating the positive aspects of this technological universe that has made its way into our daily lives. It’s almost everything at once, everywhere, accessible but unreachable. Irregardless …
[Thank you to codiceinternet for making the picture available here.]


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