8 Days of Giving Thanks – Day 4

I want to focus on being thankful for all of the creative people and their creations in the world. This includes, but is not limited to: painters, sculptors, writers, authors, photographers, novels, poems, books, short stories, paintings, sculptures, and welders. These are the people that can be inspired anywhere, by anything, and they take their inspiration and turn it into something new that they share with the world. I find that to be both brave and inspiring. Since I often find myself lost in a wonderful book or contemplating endlessly on art that I’ve seen in a museum, I thought I should take the time to thank all of those people for sharing their work. In turn, you inspire me. Thank you!
[Thank you to maven for creating this image. You can find it here. Also, I know I’m a day behind on the posts, so check back later today for another!]


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