New Years Resolutions and How I Walked/Jogged My First Half Marathon

One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2010 was to exercise more often in an effort to be healthier. Like everyone else, this is a recurring resolution that rarely comes to fruition as the year wears on.

In an effort to get myself started on this task, I purchased the Wii game – EA Sports Active – early in the year. Why on earth would I purchase a videogame to help motivate myself to exercise? The answer is relatively simple: I live in a city that isn’t well-known for its stellar weather. I thought this game would allow me the flexibility of getting a good workout in the comfort of my own home (read: not in a meat market with leering eyes and endless germs) irregardless of the weather (oh, and the monthly gym membership fees). But, like most things, that lasted a solid month until I missed a few workouts … and then a few more.

Some time in the Spring, I was talking with my sister-in-law-to-be (SILTB, for short) and she invited me to walk the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in October. This idea was completely outrageous to me because I had never ever considered participating in a marathon of any kind. Ever. And who knew that people walked them? I thought they were only for runners. The SILTB assured me that she had walked many and that they were fun. Still unconvinced, she sent me a training schedule. I was so scared – I vacillated between the yes and the no for at least two weeks. It wasn’t until one Sunday Streets event, where I walked a little over eight miles, that I realized: I could walk a half marathon.

The next day, I filled out the forms online, signed up, and eagerly awaited for Nike to draw my number!



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