The 10,000 Pound Elephant of Love*: Guilty Pleasures Volume 1

For some reason, completely unbeknownst to me, I began watching The Bachelorette (the Jillian and “Limp Ed” season) last year. Don’t as me why the TV was on that channel to begin with because I honestly could not tell you. The best I can do is say that it must have been the basic idea that a group of men were falling all over each other to win the heart of a beautiful young woman – which, in my experience, usually happens in reverse. Or, it could have simply been the hilarious trashy “reality” of watching a group of men fight for the attention and affection of a singular woman. Either way, I stuck around for the entire, glorious season which included highlights such as:

  • a guy getting dumped by being kicked off a train and left on the tracks
  • the infamous Wes who made it through most of the season with a girlfriend back home and ulterior motives (getting his music career off the ground)
  • the very short green shorts worn by Ed. More than once
  • the Bachelorette asking every guy back to the Fantasy Suite (of plentiful premarital sex) and making whoopee with every single one
  • Ed’s “Little Ed” wimping out during his time with Jillian in the Fantasy Suite
  • Jillian choosing Limp Ed despite his lack of ability in the bedroom

I guess all of that was enough to make me curious about The Bachelor, so I tuned in for The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love. It’s my first Bachelor season. Jake was a contestant on last season’s The Bachelorette. All he kept saying was “women keep telling me I’m ‘too perfect.'” I highly doubt that any woman told you that, buddy. The good news is that by the time this season began, Bachelorette Jake was long gone. I have to admit, Bachelor Jake has been sweet, direct, and really focused on finding love. I think his only real downfall is that he has been using the show to find true love – what the show purports to do – but because it’s a “reality TV series,” it wasn’t made for that. Regardless, it has been great watching him weed out women (sometimes two or more in a single episode) each week. I’m also a little embarrassed to admit that yes, I am eagerly awaiting next week’s finale – will it be immature Vienna or the amazingly perfect Tenley?

Why is this a guilty pleasure? Because I’m a little ashamed to admit that I tune in each week to see a slew of people pick, pull, and push each other in order to garner the attention of a singular individual. I don’t wish I was in the shoes of anyone on the show either chasing after someone (along with 25 other women – how romantic) or having 25 guys shamelessly chase after me. It’s because at the end of the day, I want to watch a really good great love story. I want to believe that, in order to win something, anything, you don’t always have to play dirty. And that the proverbial nice guy doesn’t always finish last.

*The post title came from this week’s episode The Women Tell All where host, Chris Harrison says at one point that they will get to discussing the “10,000 pound elephant in the room” – a reference to the Bachelor scandal where one of the contestants, Rozlyn, has an “inappropriate relationship with a staffer” and is asked to leave early in the season.



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