Christmas: Have We Been Doin It Wrong?

The other morning while I was getting ready for work, because all of my “good” ideas happen before work – never after or during, I kind of startled myself with this doozy: what if the person that has been doing all of the real work at the North Pole has been Mrs. Claus? What if, all those years we wrote letters and asked Santa for presents, it was Mrs. Claus who read the letters and made it happen? What if it was Mrs. Claus who flies around the globe every year distributing gifts to all the little girls and boys while simultaneously navigating the reindeer through the night sky? What if it wasn’t St. Nick, but St. Nicolette? HOLY CRAP, WE’VE BEEN PAYING HOMAGE TO THE WRONG PERSON!

Let’s face it. Over the course of world history, it wouldn’t be the first time we praised the wrong person. In my opinion, most famous people we see today are supported by a team, if not teams, of people who help them to be successful every day (of course people with more responsibility need more help). To be honest, most men in power -or otherwise- could not successfully coordinate the accumulation of data (Christmas wish lists), acquisition and/or creation of products (gifts/toys requested by the children), and distribution of said products in a timely manner (bringing the right gifts to the right children all over the world within a 24 hour time period without getting lost while also managing a team of reindeer flying through the sky!). These all seem like tasks better managed by women.

My conclusion is this: either we’ve been paying way too much attention to the wrong Claus family member all thee years or Mr. Claus has one helluva supportive, hardworking wife!

Merry Christmas!


1 thought on “Christmas: Have We Been Doin It Wrong?

  1. I think you're onto something!Funny for me to be reading this now as I only moments ago finally finished watching the HBO miniseries John Adams, which is an incredible story. Perhaps the most fascinating thing about it is the way it portrays Abigail as an invaluable partner and advisor for John. So yeah, let's hear it for all those awesome unsung ladies who do so much! Here's to you, Mrs. Claus!


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