Giving Thanks to the Internet: Part 5

No, it’s not that I’ve saved the best for last. There really isn’t a method to my madness, I’m just typing out ideas as I go. This is Part 5: The Shopping the Interwebz Edition.


This is the obvious choice as the world’s largest online retailer. I believe that Amazon revolutionized our way of being able to shop online anywhere in the world at any time for competitive prices. Not only can you buy anything your heart desires, you can almost sell anything, too. Amazon was a lifesaver for me back when I was in college trying to buy my books at an affordable price. I can’t tell you how many hundreds of dollars I was able to save as a result of Amazon’s selection of new and used books being sold at competitive prices. Oh, and the convenience! I could (and still can) sit in front of my computer in my skivvies and order anything I want! I can’t even begin to mention the “Deals of the Day,” wishlists, Amazon Prime, and all of the other functionalities the site has – I have gushed enough. Amazon is truly great!


This one is for the fashionistas! Thanks to an ad I found over at LTT, I discovered ModCloth. Interestingly enough, I *never* click on site ads as the links usually take you to a shady site complete with malware and more pop-ups than you would ever imagine. [Unbelievable frustration and several computer reboots later, you’ll be lucky if your happy little computer will ever be right again.] This time my curiosity got the better of me and I was beautifully rewarded. I have to admit that I almost didn’t post this link because – you know when you discover something and you like it so much you almost don’t share it because you have a moment of total selfishness and insecurity where you wonder, “If I share this, will everyone else start using it and then I won’t be able to use it?” or some shit like that? Yeah, that was me.

The last time I even remember wearing a dress was back in . . . 2007 maybe? I bought it to wear to a friend’s wedding. I have never really worn dresses as I find most of them downright hideous – and then there’s the sizing problem. By the time I find a dress I love, it doesn’t fit. This site has made me a convert. The first time I visited, there were at least six to eight dresses that I fell in love with right away and was itching to purchase. They literally have dresses of all styles to fit any and every occasion. The best part: most of their descriptions even suggest what tights, shoes, and other accessories you could pair with the dress to really stand out. For someone with zero fashion sense, this is crucial! I cannot wait to make my very own wish list and start purchasing!



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