Giving Thanks to the Internet: Part 3

Ah, good ol’ Part 3: Smart Ass Edition. For the smarties and smart asses in your life, they will love these sites. Trust me.


Another oldie but goodie. Anyone who lives or works anywhere walks the earth will appreciate this. Especially grammar snobs like myself.


Jessica Hagy runs this site and it is phenomenal. I will admit that sometimes I get the jokes and other times they whiz above my head like a jet. Each day she lays out the funnies on an index card i graph form. Always clever.

As a lover of politics, I especially enjoyed this one:

New Math

This is math being applied to every day situations in the simplest of ways. Craig Damrauer makes me wish I had more wit – math class would have been a whole lot funnier if I would have discovered his site sooner.

Here’s one of my favorites (especially since I live in a city that is primed for people watching; the polite, politically correct term for staring):



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