Giving Thanks to the Internet: Part 1

Yes, I know Thanksgiving was exactly one week ago today. I can’t help when ideas come to me now, can I? Either way, here is the first in a short series of what I like to call “Giving Thanks to the Internet” … or it can be used as a little holiday link guide for your bestest friends.

For the lovers of all things Google, you will appreciate these two. How could I not kick off this guide without first and foremost giving thanks to the inventors of the internet! All kidding aside, it’s only right to appreciate the search engine that I know and love so dearly.


Crazy, right? Your window is segmented into four different Google search bars. This is a great link to share with a mega-surfer/searcher. I know that this link will definitely make my internet research much easier! No more clicking though a million different tabs in my browser. No sir!


I can’t believe this site wasn’t created sooner. From the posts, it looks like the site has been around since the Fall of this year. Each new postbrings an explosion of laughter, I promise. At the same time, it scares the pants off of me that I share the planet with so many people who lack common sense. At least for them, Google has the answers which saves them from good old fashioned public humiliation for asking stupid questions. Speaking of which, where did that go? Oh wait, reality television.

And since I’ll be discussing Twilight in later posts, here’s one of my favorite AutoCompleteMe finds:



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