The Ballad of the NaNoWriMo Continues!

Eight days into this novel writing business and only about 3,500 words to show for it. Boy am I behind schedule big time! I think there are a few factors at work here. My first problem is that I’m writing every other day as opposed to every day like I should be. I am also very overwhelmed by the idea of writing 50,000 words about nothing by November 30th – trust me, it’s much harder than it seems! (Who knew?) I guess another problem I’m running into is not having an actual plot in my head before writing. I am just writing what’s in my mind. It’s all floating around up there somewhere and I’ve made the mistake of trusting myself to be able to get it all out on paper – or on my computer, as typed material. And there are so many distractions! For a person like me that finds it very difficult to focus on any particular task unless I’m A. very interested in it, or B. I excel at said task (or both), doing something like this feels a little crazy and very unnerving.

Did I mention that this blog is a quick distraction for my brain as I am using it to procrastinate rather than continue to type out words for my new novel? Yeah, I thought I forgot to mention that.

Okay, back to typing it up!



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