Happy Happy Birthday!

I know this is a little self indulgent, but here I go anyway. Happy Birthday to me!

I always like to look up crazy facts about my birthday. Did anything exciting happen on this day (other than the obvious of course!)? Who else shares my birthday? Those type of cliched birthday doldrums. So, here are a few.

This morning as I was listening to the radio, I learned two things about July 17th. The first was that today marks the 60th anniversary of the Emmys. The second was that today marks the 100th birthday of the FBI. As I looked up “Born on This Day,” I discovered that I share a birthday with Donald Sutherland (actor), John Jacob Astor (was once the richest man in the USA), Shmuel Josef Agnon (Israeli writer and winner of the Nobel Prize), Phyllis Diller (comedienne), Sir Thomas Erskind Holland (writer of Element of Jurisprudence, teacher or international law, and legal writer), Isaac Watts (English minister), Elbridge Gerry (former vice president of the United States) and many composers.

I have also discovered how to say Happy Birthday in several languages.
Spanish: Feliz Cumpleanos
Italian: Buon Cumpleanno
Japanese: Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu
Brazilian Portuguese: Feliz Aniversario

I have also decided to add two of my favorite LOLCATS from today. Enjoy!

more cat pictures

more cat pictures



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