California is Buring! The Left Coast is Going Up in Flames!

That’s right folks, California is burning. And no, it’s not because gay marriage is now legal in our state (see my post from June 16th – A Big Day for California!).

According to The Associated Press, there were over 800 fires burning in California as of Tuesday, June 24th. I first noticed this when I was driving back from San Francisco on Monday. I think it was around Petaluma when I had my vent on and started noticing the smell of smoke. Earlier in my drive, I had seen the haze but had mistaken it for fog because I was driving in the morning. As I got closer to home, the haze got worse, casting a yellow-orange glow on everything. It was thicker and smelled more pungent. It’s now Thursday and I don’t think I have seen the sun in two, maybe three days. Last night on my way to Cloverdale, I was shocked at how difficult it was to see the mountains on the Eastern side of the freeway, as they are always visible before. As a matter of fact, I don’t ever remember NOT seeing them on any drive North on the 101. And on the way back, all of Geyserville was blanketed in what looked like smoke.

The air quality has become an issue as the fires have raged on. Yesterday, the San Jose Mercury News reported on the terrible state of the air quality in California. I could have told you how bad that it was on Tuesday when I was walking to work. My walk is less than ten minutes and I walked into work with a slight sore throat. By the time I was getting ready to leave work, it was hot and almost unbearable. It was difficult to breath and I strained to walk home. Even though the skies are still filled with smoke today, I’m hoping work won’t be as bad. I’m also hoping that I can keep hydrated so it won’t be as much of a problem today. But, I’m not someone you have to be worried about. The people who are most affected are: children, older folks, and people suffering from pulmonary diseases or difficulties.

Make sure to check out the Spare the Air website to keep informed on the latest air quality advisories in your area. Keep hydrated, exercise indoors, and try to limit your time outside until the air quality gets better. And most of all, stay safe!



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