A Big Day for California

A big congratulations to all of those who are able to legally wed as of today. I do believe this triumph has been a long time coming, especially for these gals.

Even when I was attending an all girls Catholic high school where conservative values reigned supreme, I was a champion of gay rights. And yes, I have read the Bible. And yes, I have studied the verses at the university level. And yes, I understand them and still believe in gay marriage and equal rights. And yes, I still believe in granting them equal rights. And no, I don’t believe the world will open up and swallow all of the nonbelievers and homosexuals. Here is a list of arguments that I always here when the question of whether or not non-heterosexual people should be allowed to marry:

1. It just isn’t right.
2. The Bible/God/[insert name of other religious document]/[insert name of other diety] says it’s bad to be gay.
3. The purpose of sex is to procreate. Heterosexuality makes procreation impossible, thus rendering it useless.
4. If they find a way to have children, they will be gay too.
5. If we allow homosexuals to marry, it’ll be the bestiality nuts that are next wanting to marry their sheep and goats and whathaveyou. And then who knows what?

Please keep in mind that this isn’t a full list, just the top five arguments that I’m very familiar with hearing when it comes to people not being in favor of granting homosexuals equal rights.

For me, it’s always been simple: you love who you love. That person might be another woman or man like you. There is no logical reason to deny two consenting adults the right to marriage under the law. As far as religions go, I believe that they have the authority to dictate whether or not they support homosexual marriage. While I believe that world religions should consider adopting a few more progressive views, like accepting homosexual marriage, I don’t think that it’s mandatory at this time. And for people in the United States, it seems as though equal protection under the law is more of a priority.

I am proud to say that I live in a state that has adopted this stance. I am hoping that my fellow Californians will vote down the measure that will be on the ballot in the Fall – it proposes to repeal the court’s decision to allow homosexual marriages in the state.

I am also looking forward to an upcoming wedding or two this Summer as a result . . .



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