A LIVE-ly Weekend

I meant to write about this sooner, but I had a very busy week last week at work with Mother’s Day approaching, more days on the schedule, and taking on projects at work (i.e. writing the new employee manual and editing all menus). Regardless, last weekend was a lot of fun and I thought it would be fun to share.

Anyway, last weekend, the beau and I went to KGO Radio LIVE! at the Concourse Exhibition Center in the City. As I have said previously, I’m a huge fan of KGO 810 – I listen to them a solid 95% of the time when I’m in front of a radio, and this is saying quite a bit considering I drive a lot and I keep the radio on all night (don’t hate me alternative energy activists!). When I heard them advertise for LIVE! last month, I suggested we go. I got excited and really talked it up. A week before what I thought was the date of the event, our friend invited us to a housewarming party for that same day. Since I haven’t seen this particular group of friends for going on quite sometime, I decided we could forgo the KGO event.

The following week, while listening to KGO, I heard them advertise the event again. Lucky for me, I was totally mistaken on the date. We decided to go for the Ronn Owens/Gil Gross panel with Ed Baxter moderating in the afternoon. It was really kinda cool. They were talking politics, obviously, and discussing the Democratic candidates in their race for the nomination. More than once, they asked for audience participation in answering questions like: Will there be an Obama/Clinton ticket? Who’s for Obama? Who’s for Clinton? Who’s for McCain? What I was surprised to hear came at the end when Owens and Gross talked about the 2012 election, and one of them projected that we will be seeing a lot more of Condoleezza Rice in the upcoming years and that she might try to run in the next presidential election (look for a blog post about this in the future). All-in-all, it was an interesting panel discussion and I was excited to finally see the personalities that I listen to all the time in the flesh.

While Gil Gross and Ronn Owens were finishing up, I heard a loud jangle, like the sound of a big chain of keys, approaching. I looked over and it was Karel pushing his dog Angel in a stroller (!!!). That’s when I saw on the schedule that Karel would be on next with John Rothman and a panel full of folks talking about going green (you can view the discussion here). I thought it would be fun to stay and watch them for a little bit – we ended up staying the entire time. I love Karel, I think he’s totally and utterly hilarious. I don’t always agree with him, but I think he’s really funny. The beau is a fan of John Rothmann, and despite the fact that the topic wasn’t really appealing initially, we enjoyed the discussion. It was really informative and, again, a great chance to see our favorite personalities . . . in person.

We also got to see Lenn Tillem (someone else I listen to every week) take questions, and we watched Gene Burns for a bit, too.

My thoughts: I was most surprised by how funny that each and every one of the personalities we saw really are. I know that they were broadcasting live from the main stage, but for some reason everyone seemed a lot funnier in person. I also noticed that the general age of the attendees seemed to be between 40 and 75. I figured we would be some of the youngest people there – and I was right. But most of the other young people that were there seemed as though they were family of the KGO Radio personalities. Overall, we had a great time. It was educational and enjoyable. I think we’ll be going again next year!

If you’re interested, you too can see photos from the event.



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