Mister President Airs Out His Dirty Laundry!

I think I’ve been really good about keeping my ears open. I have tried to listen to as many speeches and press conferences given by President Bush as possible. With that being said, I woke up this morning to the radio host turning it over to this morning’s press conference where President Bush addressed issues of the economy, rising gas prices, and student loans. Then I heard him do something I have heard him do a few times before: blame Congress. The President’s stance is that he has written proposals that have been turned down by Congress, and in turn, they have stalled in trying to put together real solutions to help the American working people.

For the love of God, knock off this childish crap. Honestly. Didn’t anyone ever teach you (Mr. Current American President) that it’s impolite to air out your dirty laundry in public? Especially when the world is listening?

And when it boils down to it, I always feel it’s hard to listen to a president talk about things such as how the current downturn in the economy continues to effect the working class, because it’s quite apparent that the president himself has no concept of what’s truly happening at the ground level – despite the fact that he should be tuned in to his constituents. He also has no concept of what it’s like to need to get loans in order to go to college in the first place. College wouldn’t have been possible for me if it weren’t for federal grants and student loans. And on the gas front, I’m having a hard time connecting what he’s saying to the reality of the situation. Is it really his money the he’s spending at the pump every time he fills up? Oh wait, I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen a picture of an acting president filling his own gas tank.

I don’t mean to be so skeptical, but this isn’t the first time I’ve heard President Bush openly blame Congress. It’s a cheap shot. He’s missing the point – passing legislation isn’t always a one way street. It’s crucial that the president needs to find a way to work with Congress, not work against them, and vice versa. And in my opinion, the first step to working with Congress, is actually talking to them. Not having a press conference about how useless they are.



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