Get Your Book Signed!

As an avid reader (reading fanatic) and book collector, there are a few things about reading and finishing a book that I truly enjoy.

1. Reading the book itself. Soaking up every word and immersing yourself in another mind space is pure enjoyment in and of itself.

2. Finishing the book. For me, there’s always a sense of accomplishment that I feel when I complete a book, no matter how many pages. It’s that same rush of excitement and relief whether I have finished Albert Camus’ The Stranger or J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

3. Discussing the book. I love a good discussion and I relish the time when I’m able to share my thoughts about a book. I truly enjoy hearing the opinions of others and taking a different approach when it comes to thinking about themes.

4. Having my book signed! This one is like the icing on the cake – it’s not necessary, but it sure tastes good. I have only a small number of books autographed by the author (I can count the number on one hand) but that’s part of what makes them extra exciting, and extra special.

This last one on the list is what prompted today’s post. Last night, I was poking around on the internet and I ended up at the Freakonomics Blog. I noticed a little thing on the right hand side that says “get your book autographed.” I nearly lost my beans I was so excited. I quickly filled out the form, received my email, followed the directions, and should be on my way to a signed bookplate soon. I’m trying to hold back my enthusiasm because I am a little skeptical. It just sounds too good to be true! But, I guess I’ll have to wait and see.



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