Who Is It Gonna Be in the Keystone State?

Unfortunately, this is NOT the image we will be seeing of the Clinton and Obama camps in Pennsylvania, especially not tomorrow.

The big question that has been on my mind today has been ‘who’s it gonna be in Pennsylvania?’ As I mentioned in a post on April 16th, the Democratic race has continued to heat up as the day of Pennsylvania’s primary continues to inch closer. . . and that day is almost here. Minutes, in fact, until the day arrives, and then only mere hours until polls open and the vote casting begins. Will Barack’s fantastic fundraising and smooth talk beat out Hillary’s quick tongue and experienced staff?

Will Hillary be able to pull off this win in order to keep her campaign alive and make the final push to the Democratic Convention in Denver? Or will Barack win Pennsylvania entirely, forcing her out of the race completely? And how will this effect the unity (or disunity) of the Democratic Party?

Personally, I think that she will pull off the win and continue the race all the way to the Convention and she will keep giving Obama a run for his money (literally). I also believe that he has been losing momentum ever since Reverend Wright was caught on tape screaming “Goddamn America!” despite the fact that he raised more money than Clinton in Pennsylvania.

Don’t forget to check out the profiles on BBC NEWS: Sen. Barack Obama, Sen. Hillary Clinton, and Sen. John McCain.

What do you think?



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