Let’s Get Started with a SMART BUNNY!

For my first post, I’m just going to jump right in.

The other day I was perusing the endless pages on the Internet and came across this – Nabaztag: The First Smart Rabbit.

I watched all of the little videos on this so-called smart rabbit, totally enamored by it’s silliness and catchy theme music. A rabbit that speaks, responds to commands, sings, detects and reacts to things, reads the news, updates you on the weather, blinks and even DOES TAI CHI. With its EARS!

Shortly after discovering this gem, I fired off an email and spent a few days convincing my boyfriend to check out the website. Now we are working on taking a trip to the only store in the City that sells these little guys. I just want to get my hands on one to see what it can do up close. My other reason for wanting to see one of the rabbits up close has to do with my assumptions about it – likening it to an iPod. You don’t really need it, it’s expensive, but it seems fun, quirky, new techie, and even though it’s limited in its usefulness and practicality, you want it anyway.

I guess we will just have to wait and see . . .



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